Road Bike Cycling

If you are lazy and sluggish like me and worry all the time thinking, how in the world you could wake up early in the morning and do a little bit of road bike cycling as a part of exercise every day? Then, welcome aboard! You and I will get along just fine. This exactly was my problem not too long ago.

Now, don’t worry I’ll not be discussing “not being able to wake up in the morning” syndrome. On the contrary I’m going to give you the solution, which will hopefully become excuse for you to do exercise on a daily basis and you’ll going to love it. Yes! that’s right, today I’m all about cycling and it’s benefits, this out door activity has got many tangible and intangible benefits hidden for all of us.

As you may have already figured out by now, I am a passionate road cycling enthusiast. So much so that it has motivated me to write something on it. Let me describe myself, I’m fat, sluggish to the extent that you don’t have to even imagine. But here I am portraying myself as a greatest enthusiast of this beautiful out door activity, i.e., road cycling, why? because, I have got a reason, this activity has made my life under my control and easy to manage.

What do I mean by this is quite simple, I’ve experienced significant improvement on digestive system, able to reduce considerable amount of weight & the pills that I used to take for blood pressure control are no longer needed and have been thrown out from perception by my doctor, because its normal all the time.

If you ask any expert coach or professional trainer he would tell you that not only road bike cycling has the physical benefits, but it has the additional positive spiritual effects on your soul. The fresh air you breath, the scenic views that are experienced & enjoyed on the way while cycling, will add-up to the overall positive effects on your soul, not to mention the countless tangible advantages on health.

I would strongly recommend and encourage you to adopt this activity as regular exercise, believe me, you’ll enjoy it and loose weight without even knowing. Raleigh, Huffy, Trek bikes and mountain bikes are the best for that exact purpose.

A Brief Education in Cycling

On the list of the most high-profile sports in the world, cycling does not necessarily fall within the top ten. In fact, most of us know very little about the sport in general. Though bicycles are among the most familiar objects known to man, we are much more likely to associate them with training wheels and leisurely bike rides, not competitive, heart-pumping athletic activity. While the Tour de France and the Olympics bring some attention to the sport, it remains largely unknown. Cycling seems to simply fly under the radar.

And while cycling isn’t necessarily the most popular or well-known sport in the world, it is not insignificant. The reality is that cycling is really quite exciting to follow and is extremely beneficial to practice.

The bicycle – the tool used for the sport of cycling – is primarily a means of transportation. Largely used for getting from one place to another and for recreation, it is also used in sport and athletics.

Cycling races date back to the 19th century. From the 1890s up through the mid 1900s, cycling was an extremely popular sport around the world. This time period is referred to as the “Golden Age of Cycling.” Over the years, the sport’s popularity diminished. The Tour de France, which began in 1903, remains a premier world athletic event, giving some clout to the sport. The Olympic Games also feature cycling. That said, the sport remains quite ignored.

Racing and competition in cycling can take place in various formats. Road races, indoor competitions and mountain bike races are all aspects of this multi-faceted activity. Cyclers compete as both teams and individuals, and competitions can last minutes, hours and even days.

Nowadays, cycling is moving beyond the world of professional racers and becoming popular among a wide array of amateur athletes and sports enthusiasts. It is an excellent way to spice up a cardio work-out.

Research has linked cycling, like most physical activity, to an overall increase in physical and mental health. The time, effort and money put into starting out in the world of cycling will be returned to the individual manifold.

Like running, cycling is a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness. It benefits the legs, buttocks and abdomen among other parts of the body while getting heart rates up to burn calories and to lose fat. Easier on the joints than impact sports, cycling is a great cardio alternative for those with arthritis or past sports injuries. Because it is generally practiced sitting down, it is an activity within reach of all.

Those looking to try out cycling have both indoor and outdoor options. Indoor spin classes are popping up in gyms all over and seem to be all the rage. For those who prefer to be outside, the cycling options are endless. All that’s necessary is a bike.

Cycling is truly a fantastic sport to both watch and practice. If you haven’t gotten in on the action yet, check out your television sports channels and head to your local sporting goods stores.

Cycling Shirts – 4 Great Reasons to Wear One Out on the Road

Most cyclists do not bother wearing performance cycling shirts, preferring to opt for an ordinary t-shirt or a hoodie. There are four great reasons to switch to wearing a cycling jersey instead. They can help keep you dry during high exertion, but they could even help save your life one day.


On the roads, as a cyclist or biker, you are at a distinct disadvantage. First of all, the two-wheeled construction of your vehicle makes you look narrower, especially head on, and it is all too common for drivers of other vehicles to pull out of side streets without having noticed an oncoming bike. This leads to the other important disadvantage. In a collision, it is almost always the cyclist or biker that comes out of the encounter worst. Head, neck and spinal injuries are some of the usual outcomes for riders involved in traffic accidents with cars or trucks.

Whereas riders of motorcycles usually protect themselves with helmets and padded leathers, the people who ride bicycles are often not well protected at all. More and more cyclists are wearing helmets, but this is a more recent development, and heavy leathers would not be practical.

The best method of defense for cyclists is to be clearly seen by other road users; to wear high-visibility clothing and this is where cycling shirts come in. Most cyclists would not dream of riding around town in a cycling shirt because many of them are very highly colored, or Day-Glo, or just plain garish! But these are precisely the reasons why you should wear them; so that you cannot be ignored by a truck driver waiting to pull out at a junction. So find the most colorful and easily seen jersey you can buy, and be safe.

Cycling Shirt Design

Cycling jerseys are designed differently to normal t-shirts. This doesn’t matter so much if you are on a mountain bike and sit up straight on the saddle. If you ride a racing bike though, you will be leaning over towards the handlebars. Ordinary t-shirts tend to ride up the back of the rider on a racing bike. Cycle shirts are made with the back longer than the front, so that even when leaning to ride fast, it will not slide up and expose your lower back. This is fairly uncomfortable for the rider and perhaps unpleasant for anyone behind.

The other great thing about cycling shirts is the extra long zipper at the front, especially if you are cycling in a race, or just riding in very hot weather. With a normal t-shirt, your options are limited, but with a proper jersey you can adjust the zipper to cool yourself down.

Hi-Tech Fabrics

Perhaps the best part about wearing a quality cycling jersey is that most are made from hi-tech fabrics which wick moisture away from your body on challenging rides, and so you are left comfortable and dry, rather than soggy and wishing you had brought another couple of tops with you.

Pockets on the Rear

Cycling shirts generally have pockets on the rear. This is an advantage for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is less likely that things will fall out of them – some shirts even have zipped pockets. Secondly, and an important point if you are racing, heavy items in your pockets do not stretch down and interfere with your riding.

So to summarise my four great reasons for road riding with a proper cycling shirt: bright colors mean you’ll be seen and be safe; more length in the back of the shirt is more comfortable and protects you from getting a chill; moisture wicking hi-tech fabrics keep you dry and help you control body temperature; and rear pockets stop items bouncing off your knees, and breaking your rhythm, when riding.

How To Stay Safe On Your Bicycle – 7 Ways To Practice Safety While Riding Your Bike

You want to be safe when you ride your bike. The increased popularity of cycling now means that bike riders are a major part of the traffic stream since more people ride bikes as a form of transportation. So how do you stay safe when riding your bike? Here are some ideas:

Wear a cycle safety helmet. There are many styles and makes of bike safety helmets but not all of them provide the safety you will need when riding your bicycle. The cycle helmet you choose will depend on your personal circumstances but bear in mind that the price will reflect on the quality, not only in the protection but also the fitting. In the event of an impact, your helmet should not move so correct fitting and the ability to alter straps is important factors when buying a cycle helmet. Of course there are those detractors who say that a bike helmet will not protect you if you were to be hit by a car at, say, 40 mph. Everything has its limitations so to have some head protection is better than having none at all.

Wear visible clothing. When you are out on your bicycle you need to be seen and one of the best ways to be noticed by vehicle drivers is to wear some kind of fluorescent clothing. It could be a full reflective jacket, reflective belt and arm bands or a reflective tabard. Whichever you choose, it will ensure that you are seen while you are out on your bike.

Consider wearing cycle gloves. Cycle gloves not only protect your hands while cycling but they will also offer your hands protection should you fall off and your hands hit the ground. There are different types of cycle gloves but consider ones that have gel-padded palms which offer extra protection and they will ease the pressure on the palms of your hands against the handle grips of your bike.

Inspect your bike each time before you ride it. When you take your bike out of the garage or wherever you have it stored, take a careful look at your bike. Check that the brake pads are making contact with the wheel rim. Check that the chain doesn’t slip and the gears are operating correctly. Sudden mechanical malfunctions when riding your bicycle can cause you to lose concentration and balance. Bikes don’t last forever so check for any severe rusting of the bike frame, in particular check the bike forks for damage as they are the most likely to become damaged through wear and tear.

Be Seen In the dark With Your Lights On. It’s a fact that some bike riders do not bother to a invest in lights. They instead prefer to ride on roads and pavements in the dark dressed in black and expect everyone else to see them, with no consideration to others. Having a proper light set on your bike will ensure your safety when you ride your bike in the dark.

Attach reflectors to your bike. Although you should already have lights on your bike, this is an additional safety precaution. Place them on the front and back wheels attached to the spokes and on the front and back of the frame. At least they will reflect in vehicle headlights giving you some amount of added protection from being knocked off your bike.

Cycle Bell. Let others know you are behind them. You can either shout for them to get out of the way or use a cycle bell. Shouting is a little anti social and may be taken the wrong way, so consider having a bell on your bike and using it to pass pedestrians when you are on a designated dual cycling/pedestrian route.

Cycling can be fun and healthy pastime provided you ride your bike sensibly. Remember that when you are using the road with other road users, that traffic laws apply. So stay safe and be seen and enjoy your bike.