Reasons To Start Cycling

Cycling is one of the most enjoyable ways of getting fit – and enjoyment means you are more likely to stay at it and therefore keep fit! Cycling is a social sport it can be enjoyed when you are on your own or if you take the whole family along – it is as easy as riding a bike.

Cycling is a fantastic way to explore what is on your doorstep – I bet that you find something new in your area after only a weeks cycling! Each town and city has its own attractions, if you venture outside of these towns, there is sure to be some of the most spectacular views and expanses that look different from the unusual angle that your bike offers!

Cycling gets you outdoors in the fresh air and lets you feel re-energized. You can cover a lot of distance or just go a little journey if you wish to and no petrol is required!

If it is an individual sport and you can choose to cycle alone. You can also set your own pace and go fast or slowly, as well as choose the distance you wish to cycle.

Cycling has a low risk of injury as it is low impact and is non-weight-bearing exercise. It will get your body up to a good level of fitness as well as be a god fun sport. Cycling can be enjoyed by all ages too, so many generations of the family can enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon cycle!

Cycling is a sensibly priced hobby. You can get a good deal on a quality bike that can last you for years.

Cycling Clothing – What to Wear

Having the right kind of gear, accessories and set-up for your bike ensures your safety and comfort while cycling. Indeed, it is an indispensable factor to have the right parts for your bike to ride at best efficiency. If you take your cycling hobby seriously and you practice your sport regularly, indeed, a good bike is your best investment.

However, if you are a serious biker, you ought to know and consider owning several pieces of cycling clothing as well. There are many reasons why you should own some. First, wearing a cycling clothing, somehow exudes to other people your determination and passion to maintain your hobby. In a way, once your mind and body is conditioned that you are a serious biker, you would face your cycling challenges and terrains with more energy and vigor. This should of course improve your biking ability and expertise.

Apart from this, owning cycling clothing ensures your safety and comfort during your ride. It grants safety because unlike other loose shirts which can easily and accidentally be attached or looped to the handles or other parts of the bike, cycling clothing, which are usually form-fitting, does not pose such danger. Additionally, loose shorts can pose to be hazard because of the material used – sometimes they lead you to easily slide off the bike seat or the length of some sorts to easily get caught by the pedals as you push. Most importantly, cycling clothing can allow “padding” especially by your behind so as such cushioning can serve you comfort even during long biking trips.  

Cycle Shelters – An Introduction

Would you like to cycle to school or work more often?

If you do, is there a safe and dry area for you to park your bike?

If not, let me introduce you to the cycle shelter.

Statistics show that only 2% of children now cycle to school and most adults opt to either take their car or go by public transport.

Perhaps this is because of the bike facilities not being available or not being safe and secure enough for them to use bikes.

Cycle shelters solve the problem of having to lock your bikes to a lamppost or fence and with the many designs available, will keep it dry in the wet weather and more secure during your day.

The shelters, made from galvanised steel or wood, come in various designs and styles and can even be powder coated in various colours to co-ordinate with school colours.

They can be fitted around existing bike racks and are useful as waiting areas for parents/visitors.

They generally do not need planning permission and are an excellent safety and security feature of your school or place of work.

A recent survey showed that 43% of parents wanted to see an improvement of the bike facilities available for their children to take their bikes to school as it not only reduces traffic and pollution but improves fitness levels of the children and themselves if they bike with them.

You, your pupils, employees, and many other visitors will benefit greatly from a cycle shelter and enjoy getting fit at the same time!

Cycling Helmets – Make a Careful Purchase

Whether you like to hop on a bicycle for a quick ride through the neighborhood or you enjoy racing and competitive cycling, a cycling helmet needs to be an important part of your outfit. A properly fitting helmet is crucial to protect your head in the case of an accident. While no one likes to think about having a crash that’s bad enough to injure you, it’s something that you have to think about to make sure that you’re safe while you’re on the bike. An improperly fitting piece of headgear can actually do you more harm than good, so it’s crucial to be sure you get the right helmet with the right fit.

A sport helmet is good for any time you’re on a bicycle. These are probably the least expensive helmets available. Head gear designed for road cycling are more lightweight and will usually have more ventilation to help keep your head cooler because it’s expected that you’re going to wear them more often and for more strenuous cycling.

A BMX helmet is the type you want to get if you like off-road biking and riding over semi-rugged terrain or if you just feel the need for something that’s a bit stronger and sturdier than a standard piece of headgear. If you’re into extreme biking and extremely rugged off-road conditions, then choose something called a mountain bike cycle helmet that offers the best protection possible for this type of riding.

An important tip that many people overlook if they don’t get expert help when they’re choosing headgear is to make sure that the cycling helmet sits squarely on top of your head. The front of it is supposed to come down over your forehead even if that feels strange and uncomfortable to you. If you purchase one that has proper lining and padding it shouldn’t be uncomfortable but it may take you some time to get used to having your forehead covered in this way. If you wear the helmet tipped back more like a hat, you’re losing the protection that you would get for your head and risking the helmet sliding backwards and off your head in the case of an accident.

Not only does this keep your head from being protected but it can actually cause the chin strap to slip around your neck during an accident. So in addition to measuring your head and trying helmets on to get the right fit, you have to make sure that you wear your cycle helmet properly when you ride for maximum protection.